Moment’s repose

I love the picture it is a wonderful war torn child of time, oozing a wisdom, unlike her younger peers, waiting, anticipating the next labored and soulful syllable to gift the weary a moment’s repose.




One more thing

So aside from our boys out Oregon getting the governmental shaft with petroleum, I was watching the news and there was a trial recently and I can’t recall which, where there was a mistrial or something similar because a juror or jurors were intimidated by an agent of the defendant. So from the left comes the solution, “let’s have professional jurors”, OK excuse my French by are they fucking nuts? For one, who says a pro can’t be corrupted (yea cause that’s never happened), who says a pro can’t be intimidated (once again cause that’s never happened)? I mean we have scores of examples in other professions of corruption and intimidation. Further, this would eliminate probably the very last, I mean very last position in a governmental process held by your neighbor, an actual person, not a faceless bureaucrat, not to mention what they are suggesting would violate the constitution, but as we have seen that is not much of an obstacle. One more finger of the government stuck in our eye and able to influence our life. Recently in this country everything is becoming partisan, do we think that this would be immune to today’s political partisanship. And again why would we give up one more item of control to the people we don’t trust now. What is the first sign of insanity? Do the same thing and expecting a different result.

NBA for sale

So the NBA has started airing anti-gun ads, is there any part of our life that is exempt from manipulation by someone’s political narrative? and I mean mine or theirs. They are establishing a precedent of using our free time fun for pushing narratives, I didn’t agree with the NBA getting involved with Domestic violence either, much less when they were pressed to actually do something about that last player that knocked his wife out and dragged her into an elevator on camera. Look at what happened in the cities of Ferguson and Baltimore and others, lawlessness condoned by the city heads themselves. The police told to stand down. Our law has become moot. It’s now the court of public opinion. So they pressed the NBA, who then reacted and penalized the player just like any court, except they have no court authority, no training or limitations or accountability or rules regarding levels of punishment, so they are making it up as they go, would you want the normal court to do the same? This country is pushing farther and farther into a lawless nation, driven by the latest political narrative and adjudicated by the masses through their pastime passions. So how long before the NBA players are, whether secret or not “sponsors” of political agendas instead of Nikes.

Do they put stupid pills in the water in Hollywood?

In response to the linked article below.

Do they put stupid pills in the water in Hollywood? Why are these idiots in Hollywood always saying this crazy shit? Maybe it’s because everything they do is associated with story lines and acting, even their social interaction and relationships, are bullshit, most of them stayed married under 2-3 years, this is what they do in movies, illusion, grandiose movie plots. When somebody says something like this, basically they are saying that our government is ran by a collective group-think of sociopaths. That on a management level, as it would take many people to cover up these conspiracies, they get a group of people and it would be at least partially different each time, to execute a plan that would willfully kill innocent children. Let me say one thing “ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID”? Think about what I am saying and apply the real logic, who and what type of people could perform these acts? Sociopath’s, serial killers. You are not going to get someone from the temp agency to do this. Ordinary government slugs are not going to do this. Is this starting to clear up yet? This is absolute troll BS and Steven Segal needs immediate mental health assistance. I guess his career tanking has been more then he could bear and he either actually believes this (really sad) or he is looking for attention.

The Switch between Democrat and Republican parties that never happened

This is actually one of my favorite stories, what actually happened that they liken to a switch is this. We had two parties once upon a time, the Whigs (conservatives) and the democrats (we know who they are) the slavery issue became very divisive, both parties split on this issue, the anti-slavery Whigs joined with the anti-slavery democrats and formed the Republican party a name they picked to emulate our system, a constitutional Republic, meanwhile what was left of the whigs joined what was left of the democrats and they became the new democratic party. It wasn’t a matter of a switch as it was a matter of conscience on behalf of people that knew slavery was a contradiction to the principals of our own constitution. So the Republican party was actually formed as a statement against slavery. Then as we know, they voted for the freedom of slaves, their right to citizenship and their right to vote. All opposed by the democratic party. Further the civil rights bill was voted down by then, senate democrat Lyndon Banes Johnson, it would be brought to his desk again as president and he did not have the political will to defeat it. As long as we are on the subject, besides these points, the democrats brought the KKK and Jim Crow laws. As people who know me have heard me say, the greatest trick of the democrat was making everyone think they are republicans. To paraphrase with a fitting biblical quote.

Evolution and other “theories”

Blasphemy! I say, Heresy!, These days the progressive track of the public is being driven by the far left, and the far left has made it known that they do not like to debate their beliefs, we no longer for some reason have “theories”, we used to learn about theories, things like “The Theory of Evolution”, because these things are not as yet proven. I think that the academics got tired of waiting for absolute proof and decided to stop teaching the theory part of the lesson. They insist now it is all about the facts, when these are not facts at all but “theories”, there’s that word again. Now zoom forward to modern day and they have stopped altogether the pretense that anything is a theory, once they coalesce around an idea they just start treating it as fact, currently for instance the topic of “Global Warming” Oh sorry! “Climate Change”. There is no proof that man is actually effecting the weather patterns with CO2. The academics in their obviously infinite wisdom have decided that global warning is real, even when the facts on the ground don’t fit the narrative, and as has been brought to light, they are also willing to falsify and stretch the truth in order to support their claim, which is not the first time.

We are currently experiencing a multiple year cooling trend, they are saying this is a pause? Why wasn’t the previous warming trend a pause? Why? because it doesn’t fit the narrative. In the 70’s they were saying that we were headed for another ice age. Once they decide something is true that is pretty much it, these days if you disagree you are shunned in the academic world, all actual debate and critical thinking that argues against their decision is heresy and will be dealt with. Although technically there is nothing legally they can do, they will make sure that you are no longer one of the cool crowd.

One of the holes in the theory of Evolution, comes about because theories are never meant to be proven right but to be proven wrong, I find this troublesome, unlike “guilty before innocent” we are not protecting the rights of someone. So the “theory” of someone can influence, without ever haven been proven right, only that it has not been proven wrong

A Note to my Children

One of the things that we, or maybe it’s I, don’t talk about as a parent is the “other yous”.
Every child starts out one day, and then grows up.
What is hard, is that as every day passes there is another you.
You evolve before my eyes.
At first there is you as an infant, but then there is the you at 2 years and 5 then 8,11,14,16.
Each time a new you, each day a new you, and we, as parents look back and remember, and grieve for all the yous, that have gone before you today.
Each one a new and different you, each one special, separate and unique and, each one loved.
This is one of the hardest parts of being a parent, is that I miss “all the yous”.