Yet another blast at a liberal

I love how the left and that means you, is happy to take a win based on having no substance, and relying on the competition who is not taking the safe route and being politically correct but saying what needs to be said. If you cannot say what you mean, you cannot mean what you say. But an empty win is still a win, and the left is all and I mean ALL about symbols not substance, let’s get rid of the confederate flag even though that won’t put ONE black in a better position in life at all, but “gee it’s a great symbol, we can force them to get rid of this and it will SEEM like we are actually doing something”, which I guess is more then the ocean you hear when you hold a liberal’s head up to your ear. So feel empowered by your quest for climate change and how it is the greatest threat even more then ISIS according the socialist and Chief. And please bring about more programs that accomplish nothing except putting a yoke on the neck of the minority cause. Most local governments are democratic, the libs control every major city and population area in the country, this has been this way for decades, we have had an activist president for 6 .5 years, for the first years of this you had control of both houses, and what have you accomplished you pompous ass? Obama Care has killed jobs all over the country and yes some people that didn’t have insurance before do now, but also some people that had insurance don;’t now, companies can’t afford to insure their people so they hire only part time to avoid the insurance requirements, so a ton of people are under employed not just unemployed, we have lowest work participation in 38 years according the latest report from the BLS. So what is so great in having you in control? Please enlighten me.