Facebook the militant arm of the DNC

Facebook today pulled down a post that I had put up citing a violation of their policy. The funny thing is, is that I have seen 10 times that brutality on post criticizing conservatives, but these posts stay up. So I have posted the post that they removed below in order that I can at least say kiss my ass. One thing I would like to note, that this is the typical way the left deals with opposition, if whining and MSNBC talking points are not enough, they try and find a way to silence you, on Facebook all you have to do is complain about what the nasty conservative did and they will be more then happy to remove the post for you. Liberals like to silence the opposition, as much as they like to waive their educations in everyone’s face the last thing they want are facts.,

Kathy Mullins You know I was reading this just ignoring the absolute retardation shown by the liberal agenda, but you, your special, a special kinda stupid, conservative views? You mean things that are conservative? Let me ask what is wrong with being conservative? Conservatives by the nature of the word attempt to do things without lavish approaches to things, yup your right that is evil, as far as hate, there are no haters greater then the liberals, they hate me only because I don’t agree with them, I am a hater as long as I disagree, case in point, colleges are run by liberal educators, conservatives are in the minority and shunned on majority of campuses. On these same campuses that are controlled by liberals in a country that has guaranteed free speech, you have “wait for it” free speech zones! Well why are these needed? They do this so that they can contain and control who is saying what and where, yea that sounds good let us control those nasty haters. Wouldn’t want them to spread any of that Christian love all that bowing and scraping and self sacrifice, yea that needs to be stopped immediately. First thing will do is stop college funding to all Christian groups that won’t allow a non-christian to head the group, then we can say that they are non-inclusive. I will tell you what, that is the tip of the iceberg, liberals are the biggest hypocritical group of manipulators and liars on the planet. Nothing is off limits as long as it advances the cause. When it comes down to it though, they never have any real facts that back up their psycho-babble, and when that happens they call you names and get angry, and finally “your a racist”, this what they pull out when they can’t come up with the facts necessary to support their insane arguments.


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