Evolution and other “theories”

Blasphemy! I say, Heresy!, These days the progressive track of the public is being driven by the far left, and the far left has made it known that they do not like to debate their beliefs, we no longer for some reason have “theories”, we used to learn about theories, things like “The Theory of Evolution”, because these things are not as yet proven. I think that the academics got tired of waiting for absolute proof and decided to stop teaching the theory part of the lesson. They insist now it is all about the facts, when these are not facts at all but “theories”, there’s that word again. Now zoom forward to modern day and they have stopped altogether the pretense that anything is a theory, once they coalesce around an idea they just start treating it as fact, currently for instance the topic of “Global Warming” Oh sorry! “Climate Change”. There is no proof that man is actually effecting the weather patterns with CO2. The academics in their obviously infinite wisdom have decided that global warning is real, even when the facts on the ground don’t fit the narrative, and as has been brought to light, they are also willing to falsify and stretch the truth in order to support their claim, which is not the first time.

We are currently experiencing a multiple year cooling trend, they are saying this is a pause? Why wasn’t the previous warming trend a pause? Why? because it doesn’t fit the narrative. In the 70’s they were saying that we were headed for another ice age. Once they decide something is true that is pretty much it, these days if you disagree you are shunned in the academic world, all actual debate and critical thinking that argues against their decision is heresy and will be dealt with. Although technically there is nothing legally they can do, they will make sure that you are no longer one of the cool crowd.

One of the holes in the theory of Evolution, comes about because theories are never meant to be proven right but to be proven wrong, I find this troublesome, unlike “guilty before innocent” we are not protecting the rights of someone. So the “theory” of someone can influence, without ever haven been proven right, only that it has not been proven wrong



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