Husbands and Wives no longer and The Minority is GOD

And like the shifting of tectonic plates, the changes emanating from our misguided and corrupt SCOTUS keep echoing, grinding away and growing, till they form a tsunami that reaches the far shore, which then wipes out any resemblance of familiarity we had for our basic ideals.

Like children they make decisions that suit want and not need.

We are now held hostage to the sound bite, the singular complaint, a legislative appeasement now being written for the minutest percentage of the population. The belief of the majority is no longer the watch word but the scarlet letter of our time. Laws, guided by the countless wishes of the minority will be endless in number and countless in change, they will drain the very life from our society until we go the path of all great civilizations, the prominent attribute of which, being the depth and expanse of the ambiguity regarding all things.

Being then the conclusion of what is politically correct, we will fade from view in a wash of gray.The crushing boredom then birthing all manner of diversion in lament of the increasingly diminished capacity of this great country. We will pass without comment and without eulogy and go un-remarked that day, as the lesser heirs of greater sires.


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