The Switch between Democrat and Republican parties that never happened

This is actually one of my favorite stories, what actually happened that they liken to a switch is this. We had two parties once upon a time, the Whigs (conservatives) and the democrats (we know who they are) the slavery issue became very divisive, both parties split on this issue, the anti-slavery Whigs joined with the anti-slavery democrats and formed the Republican party a name they picked to emulate our system, a constitutional Republic, meanwhile what was left of the whigs joined what was left of the democrats and they became the new democratic party. It wasn’t a matter of a switch as it was a matter of conscience on behalf of people that knew slavery was a contradiction to the principals of our own constitution. So the Republican party was actually formed as a statement against slavery. Then as we know, they voted for the freedom of slaves, their right to citizenship and their right to vote. All opposed by the democratic party. Further the civil rights bill was voted down by then, senate democrat Lyndon Banes Johnson, it would be brought to his desk again as president and he did not have the political will to defeat it. As long as we are on the subject, besides these points, the democrats brought the KKK and Jim Crow laws. As people who know me have heard me say, the greatest trick of the democrat was making everyone think they are republicans. To paraphrase with a fitting biblical quote.


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