Do they put stupid pills in the water in Hollywood?

In response to the linked article below.

Do they put stupid pills in the water in Hollywood? Why are these idiots in Hollywood always saying this crazy shit? Maybe it’s because everything they do is associated with story lines and acting, even their social interaction and relationships, are bullshit, most of them stayed married under 2-3 years, this is what they do in movies, illusion, grandiose movie plots. When somebody says something like this, basically they are saying that our government is ran by a collective group-think of sociopaths. That on a management level, as it would take many people to cover up these conspiracies, they get a group of people and it would be at least partially different each time, to execute a plan that would willfully kill innocent children. Let me say one thing “ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID”? Think about what I am saying and apply the real logic, who and what type of people could perform these acts? Sociopath’s, serial killers. You are not going to get someone from the temp agency to do this. Ordinary government slugs are not going to do this. Is this starting to clear up yet? This is absolute troll BS and Steven Segal needs immediate mental health assistance. I guess his career tanking has been more then he could bear and he either actually believes this (really sad) or he is looking for attention.


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