NBA for sale

So the NBA has started airing anti-gun ads, is there any part of our life that is exempt from manipulation by someone’s political narrative? and I mean mine or theirs. They are establishing a precedent of using our free time fun for pushing narratives, I didn’t agree with the NBA getting involved with Domestic violence either, much less when they were pressed to actually do something about that last player that knocked his wife out and dragged her into an elevator on camera. Look at what happened in the cities of Ferguson and Baltimore and others, lawlessness condoned by the city heads themselves. The police told to stand down. Our law has become moot. It’s now the court of public opinion. So they pressed the NBA, who then reacted and penalized the player just like any court, except they have no court authority, no training or limitations or accountability or rules regarding levels of punishment, so they are making it up as they go, would you want the normal court to do the same? This country is pushing farther and farther into a lawless nation, driven by the latest political narrative and adjudicated by the masses through their pastime passions. So how long before the NBA players are, whether secret or not “sponsors” of political agendas instead of Nikes.