Moment’s repose

I love the picture it is a wonderful war torn child of time, oozing a wisdom, unlike her younger peers, waiting, anticipating the next labored and soulful syllable to gift the weary a moment’s repose.




One more thing

So aside from our boys out Oregon getting the governmental shaft with petroleum, I was watching the news and there was a trial recently and I can’t recall which, where there was a mistrial or something similar because a juror or jurors were intimidated by an agent of the defendant. So from the left comes the solution, “let’s have professional jurors”, OK excuse my French by are they fucking nuts? For one, who says a pro can’t be corrupted (yea cause that’s never happened), who says a pro can’t be intimidated (once again cause that’s never happened)? I mean we have scores of examples in other professions of corruption and intimidation. Further, this would eliminate probably the very last, I mean very last position in a governmental process held by your neighbor, an actual person, not a faceless bureaucrat, not to mention what they are suggesting would violate the constitution, but as we have seen that is not much of an obstacle. One more finger of the government stuck in our eye and able to influence our life. Recently in this country everything is becoming partisan, do we think that this would be immune to today’s political partisanship. And again why would we give up one more item of control to the people we don’t trust now. What is the first sign of insanity? Do the same thing and expecting a different result.